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If you’re following us on Instagram you’ve probably noticed that we like to feature some rad stuff, including a couple of our favourite photographers. Utah based freelance photographer & videographer Aaron Brimhall (@aaronbhall) is one of them.


Name: Aaron Brimhall
City: Salt Lake City, Utah
Current Employment: Freelance Photo & Video
What do you shoot with?: Canon Mark III

What inspires your personal photography style? 
I think what inspires me and keeps me going are all the other creatives out there. Seeing what other people do is really interesting. Everyone has their “own” style in a sense. They grew up with a something different and came from something totally different. So looking at everyone else’s style is really cool. The industry is really competitive but I like that. It would be really boring if there were no competition if you will.. I get bored easy. This is a passion that I won’t get bored of.

What are some of the defining moments in your career so far?
There’s been a lot. even just meeting new people are defining moments in my book. But signing with an agency (Stay & Wander) was a huge deal for me. Love the guys over there and they have helped me a lot.

Who would your dream collaboration be with? 
Honestly there’s been one homie that I look up to adventure wise and that’s Jon Olsson (@jonolsson1). He’s got a lot of passion for what he does and I can relate to him in some ways. But the stuff he’s putting out looks amazing. Just really want to go and do video stuff with him when he races his cars.

What other Artists are you currently following?
Just go have a look for yourself if you aren’t currently following them. Oleg Cricket, Konsta Punkka, Aytan Lachish, Cameron Goold, Max Muench, Frederic Schlosser.. All these homies kill it in my eyes.


Favourite location in your home town to shoot? 
Right outside my door. I live in the hills in SLC, UT. I ride my Moto around the hills with the homies and it’s a perfect 10.

Any new collaborations?
Not really. But I’m open to whatever…

In addition to taking epic photos what else keeps you busy?
When I’m home I have a routine when I’m not jet lagged. Wake up – Gym – Eat – Moto – Eat – Office – Moto – Eat – Walk my Dog – Sleep.

Favourite recent shoot?
My favorite recent shoot probably has to be in Italy for a luggage company called Douche Bags. We drove from the North of Italy down to the southern tip. It was unreal. Saw some amazing locations.

See more of Aaron Brimhall’s work
IG – @aaronbhall
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