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Your Paradise After Movie

Towards the back end of last year we headed to Fiji for Your Paradise Festival. As I’m sure you can understand from the event wrap up and the huge amount of photos that were circulating afterward, things got very wild and everyone made the most of the experience. It was the funnest music festival any of us had ever been to, and we’ve been to our fair share. One of the highlights was definitely the Soulclap X ZANEROBE secret party,

Not only was it meticulously organised with amazing attention to detail, the music was on point, everyone became one big happy family and how could you go wrong in a setting that is literally paradise. After much anticipation the after movie has arrived thanks to MyMedia Sydney, vivid memories from our blurry 4 nights of partying have come flooding back and now we’re all pumped and ready to go again this year!

Smash your piggy bank, raid your mums wallet, sell your most prized possessions, do whatever you have to do to get the money together and secure a ticket while you can. Your Paradise 2016 is set to be another huge year, we’ll be there without a doubt! Secure your tickets HERE