To our loyal Crew,

What a crazy, ridiculous year. Our deepest sympathies to those that lost loved-ones, and a massive fist-pump to all who’ve endured the hardships. If we can take any positives from the year it would be how resilient and adaptable we can be, overcoming adversity or having the courage to switch things up. When you raise a glass on New Year’s Eve, it should be to those that rallied, supported and encouraged us when times were tough. And for us, that was you – the Crew. You’ve continued to support our brand and the talented people working behind the scenes. Your encouragement and of course patronage have not only allowed us to endure the many complexities hurled our way, but to be blunt, saved the brand and our jobs. We’re indebted and thank you wholeheartedly.

In return, we promise to ensure we uphold the following - we’ll always design with you at the forefront of our minds, in a sustainable and ethical way that ensures our footprint on this planet is as light as humanly possible. We’ll continue to respect your support of the brand, never take it for granted, and always treat you like one of the family. No problem too small, no issue too insignificant. Our motivation is your unequivocal satisfaction, and we won’t rest until all those boxes are ticked. We’ll strive to design the best collections possible, for you, period.

Over the holiday break, we’ll be re-charging the batteries and preparing to take 2021 on with you. So from everyone at ZANEROBE, have a safe and happy break - we look forward to bigger and better things to come for everyone!

Bring it in for a big Crew hug, ZANEROBE