We Are Zanerobe


"Zanerobe is an Australian men's apparel brand that creates considered, contemporary and always evolving collections that sit at the centre of a sustainable mindset. Whatever your next move – we’re here to make it with you."


Our origin story is more of an origin statement. We wanted to design what we wanted to wear – so we did. Since then, that philosophy has become more about the guy we design for and the impact he is looking to make.

Our signature pieces, like the Sureshot Jogger and the Flintlock Tee, have come to stand for ingenuity, creativity and a constant drive to move forward and beyond expectations.

We keep our impact on the environment low and our standards of craftsmanship and customer service high. We’re for good times and even greater design. And we create what you want to wear because we wear it too.


It’s not widely known but ZANEROBE is an Australian brand and one of the most successful men’s apparel businesses at home and abroad. We’re like the Greg Norman of chino pants and tees.

Here’s Leith on the Sydney Harbour Bridge for a Hypebeast editorial piece, still our favorite ‘fashion’ zine to read neg comments from angry trolls with lots of spare time. Good times.


No word of a lie but the redhead pictured, Chance Burns, was our very first ZANEROBE sales guy in Australia. Irrepressible, funny, dogged determination and super-tiny hands, everyone loved Chance which looking back gave the brand it’s best possible start in life. The first sales appointments may have been out of his apartment bedroom and if the story is correct, he hid under his bed to avoid an appointment because he had a stinger of a hangover.

Chancey’s had his share of issues over the years, battling his way back from a severe spinal cord injury - but - we’ve never forgotten or underestimated his contribution to the brand.

2005 - 2010

Originally we launched the brand with collared shirts made from expensive Japanese fabric. They performed so well that stores asked us if we had tees and denim. We’re like “sure” and set about designing them for next season. The graphic tees took over though, they had a life of their own. Around 2005/6 we were sending container loads to Japan, US and Canada. There’s still a bunch floating around on eBay now.

By 2010 we were done with the graphics.

2011 - 2012

During this period we witnessed the exciting evolution of our designs. We drew inspiration from classic sportswear and contemporary streetwear, resulting in a fresh and innovative collection. In a special highlight, we introduced a women's line, curated by the talented designer, Jordana Lowy.

Reflecting on our journey, we can't quite pinpoint whether it was Aaron Russell or Dave Allison who first developed our beloved jogger pants - the Sureshot. Interestingly, this iconic piece actually began as the Neilan Chino. Despite its early introduction, it took a while for people to truly appreciate and embrace it. But hey, sometimes being ahead of the curve is a good thing, even if it means waiting for the world to catch up.

2012 - 2014

ZANEROBE version 2.0 was successful because of these two cats - Rich Penny and Nat Taubman. As Brand Manager, Richy was on-point and as the newly appointed Creative Director, Nat was designing fire. Between them we hit new heights in design and a loyal crew. Natty also tidied up the Neilan Chino and renamed it the Sureshot. To this day it's easily our best selling product.


Exciting news for ZANEROBE as we welcomed a new lead designer. Nat branched out and started a new lifestyle brand called Barney Cools while Luke stepped up to take over at ZNRB. These two individuals are truly exceptional in their talents and unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional quality and innovative design. ZANEROBE is in good hands and the future is bright for Barney Cools.

2016 - 2019

In 2016, we introduced our highly popular EP (Exclusive Product) Program and Luke Scott, our head designer, created the functional sport and lifestyle brand Zanerobe Rec with the support of NBA star Nate Robinson. The brand has since evolved into REC GEN and stands on its own with Luke solely focussing on designing and leading the REC GEN brand.

Throughout the next few years, we partnered with talented artists like CJ Fly, Bas, Set Mo and RÜFÜS DU SOL, and celebrated our 15th anniversary as a brand.

2020 - PRESENT

2020 was a year of unparalleled tragedy with so many lost lives, stolen opportunities and enormous sacrifice. From our side, we’re extremely grateful for the loyalty and support we received during this period, the inspiring messages kept us going as did the enthusiasm for what we design each and every season.

At the start of the pandemic, our lease expired and we were lucky enough to continue on during quarantine, working from home and finding an alternate, temporary space to keep moving forward. Ten months on, we found a new home for the brand and set about fitting it out with the necessities to ultimately return from lockdown with bigger and better creative ambition.