To the Crew,

Unfortunately, there’s no way to sugar-coat ordinary news. We’ll be increasing our pricing from October 11 2022. It’s a difficult decision to make so we wanted to inform you directly, as you are our loyal supporters.

We know it’s tough going for everyone currently, inflation being the main culprit. It’s the same inflationary pressure we’re experiencing at ZANEROBE - surging supply chain costs, production prices and demand for sustainable fabric. So, for the first time since we can remember, we’re taking this necessary step of raising the MSRP.

However, we’ll be absorbing most of the cost increases ourselves. Other brands and businesses may pass on all the costs to their customers, but we’d like to think we’re different in that respect. We’ll always consider you first which is why we’re asking you to shoulder a small percentage of the overall burden.

In return, we pledge to you this promise; we’ll work twice as hard to bring you cost saving measures by way of promotions and bundle deals to ease the inconvenience. We'll also continue to work on solutions that are more equitable for everyone.

So, to our family and Crew, we thank you for your continued support and appreciate you working with us during this challenging period. We know better times are ahead but need time and latitude to navigate the obstacles in order to get there.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Leith and Jono