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Name – Robert King @king_roberto

Where you from? – Central Coast, Australia

Current Employment – Self Employed

What do you shoot with – Sony A9, Aquatech housing, DJI Mavic 2 Pro and an Olympus Om-d Mach 2

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How did you get started? Was there a moment you remember first falling in love with photography?

I don't have an exact moment. A few years ago I was working for a tech company and when we were acquired I had the opportunity to travel around to present our technology to different offices. I remember getting really into photography around this time because it was a way for me to share my trips with my friends and family. Before then I always liked taking photos, but I would just use a phone. One of my good friends convinced me to by a full frame camera and that's when I really started to notice a difference in the quality of my photos.

What was your first big gig?

My first big gig would have been shooting on location for Lululemon. It was great because I got to go to Hawaii and to Utah to shoot the gear in different environments.

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What are some opportunities you’ve had that wouldn’t have happened without sharing your work on Instagram?

I met the guys from cool hunting through Instagram and through them I got to go work with Chevrolet in Alaska. I've also been creating for the Lonely Planet Instagram page for a while now and a couple of years ago was invited to Qatar on a press trip that was really something that never would have happened without my social following.

What would your dream collaboration be with?

I think the best collaborations are the most seamless ones. I have some awesome projects in line for next year. Travel and photography brands are also perfect!

Who are some other artists you are following?

I've collaborated with a bunch of amazing artists, last year I got to shoot @zedd's Coachella set that was an amazing experience, one of my other favorite artists is @maxe_brother he's a tattoo artist but his designs are the best in the world. The best videographer I know is @dan_lior. Locally I love the work of @ambermadestudio creates. And one of my friends and mentors in the US was @kellyserfoss.


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Favourite recent shoot?

I was down in south Australia this past week looking for great white sharks with @calypsostarcharters. I didn't see any sharks this trip but got to swim with endangered Australian sea lions and it was an amazing experience.

You’re well known for travelling and capturing the best of the world. How has 2020 changed for you?

I've really focused on traveling and capturing the best of Australia. As the borders open I plan on seeing as much of Australia as possible, next year I'm working on a massive roadtrip around then country. I'm hoping to work with Mercedes and a few other sponsors to kit out the ultimate adventure van.

Describe your style.

I'd say I don't really have a set style I like to shoot everything and I love a challenge. If I had to pick I'd say travel.

What have you planned for the rest of the year?

Planning my road trip for next year but also seeing Australia as the borders start to open up. I have a trip to Shoalhaven next week to promote the beaches down there.

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