Welcome to Creator's Club – a new initiative we've been developing with a group of talented local artists. From potters and ceramicists to sculptors and makers, this group of hardworking professionals from diverse backgrounds is united by a passion for crafting unique works that infuse our lives with artistic expression. With their ambitions, commitment to exploring new mediums and techniques, and an unwavering dedication to continuous learning, these artists serve as an incredible source of inspiration. Through this project, you'll gain an insider's perspective into what propels them forward, their creative processes, the hurdles they overcome, and the triumphs they achieve along their artistic journeys. We invite you to accompany us on this exploration of the incredible work these artists bring to life.

Musonga's art is driven by a passionate desire to challenge the exclusivity of the art industry. He started his journey with humble beginnings, turning his backyard fence into a canvas-filled gallery. His suburban studio in west Canberra serves as a grounding force for his creative process. The paint-littered lawn of his family home offers a moment of reprieve from the whirlwind of unexpected success. Sharing his art with loved ones is both a grateful act and an affirmation of their own power and potential. The intangible aspects of Musonga's practice are deeply rooted in his love and respect for fellow creatives. With a determination to pass on the creative energy he received from his own role models as a fourteen-year-old, Musonga embraces his role as a provider of guidance as an African Australian, an older brother, and a friend.

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