EXCUSIVE PRODUCT AKA EP RELEASES - Our creative licence to indulge, collaborate and mark significant achievements with family and crew. Exclusive designs, limited in quantity, never to be repeated.

The ZANEROBE ‘North Polar’ Fleece capsule, innovatively developed micro-yarn polar fleece with anti-pilling technology, carbon spun for max warmth and durability. Twin drawcord Polar Rugger hoody and re-designed Flight Pant in two colors – Black & Metal Marle.




Identical dual-face fabrication, unique in appearance. Anti-pilling from carbon spun yarn technology, injecting air during the process without damaging fibres. Premium, full, fabric. Lightweight with supreme warmth & resilience.



“Working on the North Polar project was an exciting one, ultimately the goal was to take a basic retro fabrication rethinking every aspect of it and its application while keeping it inherently ZANEROBE.”

– Luke Scott ZANEROBE Design Director