Emerging from Australia’s revilatized minimal scene, Elia is part of a new wave of DJ/ producer’s who are beginning to make their mark on Sydney’s underground landscape.

Listen here ⇢ http://bit.ly/004-Elia

Co-founder of the internationally renowned brand Unic, he’s been responsible for injecting new life into Australia’s minimalist community and connecting it with likeminded artists in Europe and abroad. 
His impressive mix discography has seen him curate for the likes of Feeder.ro, Minimmal Movement and Mantra Collectives ‘Black Gold’ series, as he blends dub & minimally skewed house and techno flavored into a singular wave of hypnotic sound.

Currently hard at work perfecting a signature style in his studio, keep a close ear on Elia as he prepares to leave a deep impression on the underground scene.