Halftone has had a hiatus but we're proud to say it's back. With '23 first mix coming from KÖL, also known as Költon Widell. A rising DJ and producer hailing from BC, Canada.

Making history as the youngest artist to play at the world-renowned Shambhala music festival in 2018 at just 17 years old. He closed out the Pagoda stage at this year's festival and continues to set the bar high for his peers with his thoughtfully curated productions and live sets.

Drawing inspiration from his European techno and underground hip-hop upbringing, KÖL's sets are designed to evoke an emotional journey and provide musical therapy for his audience. He is known for his seductive mature house sets but can even be see playing fast-paced techno and/or drum & bass sets in secret warehouses well into the morning.

With a dedicated fanbase, KÖL is set to become a household name in the electronic music scene. Don't miss out on his electrifying sets and be a part of the emotional journey he creates for his audience.