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Name – Matthew Harrington

Where you from? – Melbourne (Originally from Wagga Wagga)

Current Employment – Head Designer & Content Creator at Seven Collective

What do you shoot with – Sony A7 II body + kit lens that came with it which I believe is a FE 3.5-5.6/28-70MM

What inspires your personal photography style?

Minimalism, architecture & I can’t walk past a palm tree with a good backdrop and not take a photo - Love that shit, so I guess the LA/California vibe a little too.

What is your favourite location in your hometown to shoot?

There is this university in Burwood & if you can get it when it’s quite the spot is un real, so much potential. Very minimal.

In addition to taking epic photos what else keeps you busy?

Well I’m actually a designer which keeps me pretty busy, photography is just something my best mate actually made me learn (which I appreciate heaps now). Having a lot of friends who DJ as well, I’ve picked up mixing which I love to do - Use it as a bit of a creative outlet I guess. 

Describe your current style.

Man I always find this question hard to answer, I guess minimal? Quality Basics, Layers, lots of blacks, whites & greys. I feel I wear a lot of different fits that might not necessarily fit into one style

What are some of your goals for 2019/2020?

I actually read this book at the start of the year & it said something about how a goal defines an outcome & therefore limits the path to that outcome - “Go looking for one thing & that’s all you will find”. Instead have an area/areas of focus, so this is what I’ve been trying this year/next year.