How To Spot A Quality Pair Of Jogger Pants

1. Fabric

As with all menswear, fabric is paramount. You want a robust fabrication with stretch – cotton with elastane is perfect for this. Grab each side of one of the legs and pull it apart. You want the fabric to slowly recover back to original form without leaving bubbles.

ZANEROBE Joggers Fabric

2. Elastic wear

One of the easiest ways to determine if a pair of joggers are cheap is thin and weak elastic in both the waistband and cuffs. It means your new joggers will struggle to stay pulled up, will stretch out and don’t go back after a few wears.

ZANEROBE Joggers Elastic Wear

3. Stitching

Stitching can look fine at first glance but cheap stitching can break down very quickly with wear. Quality thread needs to be used with appropriate tension and stitching technique that can move with the fabric and not break.

ZANEROBE Joggers Elastic Wear

4. Fit

Cheaper joggers are usually made by cutting costs on low quality control and a high tolerance for incorrect measurements. It means you can have two identical sizes that end up fitting very differently. This is not the case with ZANEROBE -  we QC (Quality Control) all of our joggers.