Sneakers have become the cornerstone of streetwear, they are embedded in popular culture and are a true wardrobe staple. The NMD silhouette utilises two of Adidas' most popular technologies - prime knit and boost - NMD's are not for the the basketball court, but for cruising in your best street style. The NMD is the ultimate combination of design and function - they perfectly fit the modern street style aesthetic.

Only problem is - now you've got your buddies dads rocking a basic NMD with his $15 jeans. If you copped a pair or two, you want to stay ahead of the pack and style your NMD's properly right? We've got you covered.


The evolution of the street-style jogger is the new Sharpshot Chino. What we love most about the Sharpshot is the rib insert at the cuff – great-looking feature and super-practical. With the Sharpshot pant finishing just above the ankle, it's the perfect tailored chino to pair with your fresh kicks!


A cropped chino is really hard to pull off with the slim NMD silhouette but it can be done and is a great option for mixing lighter pants with darker-coloured NMDs that don't look so good close together. Stay away from boxier fits and keep it tight. The Snapshot slim leg chino is your best bet.

What To Wear With NMDs

Roll It Up

Clean and timeless - neatly rolled up denim won't look out of place in Europe, the US or Asia. Grab a pair of Joe Blow Jeans or go a little more casual with the Sureshot Denim Chinos. The Double-Cuff works best with sneakers. Roll those hems up twice, but be careful - this thick band can shorten your appearance from the waist down.

Premium Joggers

Our joggers have been ripped off and bastardised with cheap fabrics and bad construction. The premium jogger will always have its place though. You've got two options - the classic Sureshot Jogger or the lightweight Sureshot Cargos featuring redesigned utility detailing.

What To Wear With NMDs Grungy

Dark and Grungy

A look best kept for some of the harder to find NMDs (1 of 500 and R1 Glitch come to mind), but any darker Primeknit NMD will style well with washed and distressed black denim like the Distressed Joe Blow denim.


Slim sweats are in for a reason and you need to get your legs in a pair of the Sureshot Fleece Joggers - fits slim and is the ideal travel companion.