A Letter from the ZANEROBE Co-Founders

It’s been a while since the ZANEROBE co-founders have reached out and personally addressed our Crew, so it’s with genuine excitement we do so here. So much has happened in recent times that it’s worth revisiting and updating you on our progress, plus, we have a number of significant announcements to share which I know we’re all looking forward to.

2020 - 2021 RECAP

A year of unparalleled tragedy with so many lost lives, stolen opportunities and enormous sacrifice. We sincerely hope you’ve survived it as best as possible, battled through and can see light at the end of the tunnel. From our side, we’re extremely grateful for your loyalty and support during this period, the inspiring messages kept us going as did your enthusiasm for what we design each and every season. As a tribute to this support, we’ve revamped our Loyalty Program for you, our Crew - more points earned per purchase and more ways to earn points - every time you throw support our way, we want to reward your loyalty - we trust you’ll love these new incentives.

The Black Lives Matter Movement is still front of mind for us, it may not be headline news right now but we continue to build diversity and equality into the daily operations of our brand. We’re excited about upcoming opportunities for our photographers, models and brand ambassadors and can’t wait to experience their work over the coming months. We’re also passionate about providing opportunities to those who need financial support to get ahead, so stay tuned for a series of music scholarship announcements end-June 2021.


Building a more sustainable, future-proof and environmentally considerate brand is also top-priority for everyone at ZANEROBE - it’s super-challenging but hugely rewarding when we get it right. We’ve given ourselves the goal of being Net Zero by 2030 and will continue to off-set our operation activities as much as possible along the journey. Our commitment to deliver a greater percentage of sustainable product, each season, starts now with the introduction of certified organic tees and recycled fabric shorts in season ‘Couleur’. We’ve made it easy for you to find our sustainable designs - simply “look for the logo”.


Speaking of new product, we’re very proud of what’s on offer in latest offering ‘Couleur'. Dominated by bold colour and custom fabrications, Luke, Abe and Chris have taken their design creativity to new heights yet again, congratulations. This is our light at the end of the tunnel moment, a collection designed during lockdown, under enormous pressure, so to see it centre-stage is something everyone at ZANEROBE should be immensely proud of. ‘Couleur’ should be everyone’s reset moment, an opportunity to move forward with bold confidence.


We’re very excited about our creative future. At the start of the pandemic, our lease expired - we were lucky enough to continue on during quarantine, working from home and finding an alternate, temporary space to keep moving forward. Ten months on, we found a new home for the brand and set about fitting it out with the necessities to ultimately return from lockdown with bigger and better creative ambition. We love the space - complete with photographic studio and La Marzocco coffee machine - and look to draw inspiration from it moving forward.

Feeling revitalized and refreshed in our new design hub, we’ve started planning and implementing enhancements to ZANEROBE.com ie. heightened customer experience, support and service, a faster and more secure platform, new and improved search & navigation and of course the aforementioned loyalty program.

That’s it for the moment - go check out the new collection - it’s another proud milestone for us and again, we’re indebted to your support and loyalty. They don’t know me like you know me.

Leith Testoni,
Jonathon Yeo