Milos On Expired Film

We'll take you to the places you'd rather be right now. Off the beaten track or amongst the urban jungle, we'll use the destinations to share the ethos behind our brand. Pack your bags and join our crew on these journeys. Our first leg is through the lens and captured on expired film bought in a local Milos store.

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Q: Where have you been?  
Abe: Paris, Aix-en-Provence, Lagos (Portugal), Greek Islands (Mykonos, Ios, Milos), Mallorca

Q: What was your favourite spot of the whole trip?  
Abe: Milos, where we had the boozy lunch shot on expired film from a local store.

Q: We've heard rumors about a few travel mishaps. Care to spill the beans?  
Abe: The airport we were flying to in Sicilly caught fire about 12 hours before we were supposed to fly in. Booked a flight to Mallorca to meet my brother instead which was nice.

Q: What kit did you pack?  
Abe: Check Knitted Shirt - Vintage White, Denim carpenter shorts - LT Blue, QB Rugger Shirt - Vintage White/Black, Ceramic Holiday SS Shirt, Box pant - Black, Rib Tank - White and Black

Q: Any exotic dishes you tried?  
Abe: Snails… Obviously

Q: Did you come across any hidden gems or must visits for the crew?  
Abe: It’s not hidden by any means, but if you visit Milos, you have to eat Barriello for sunset.

Q: How do you keep your style on point while on the road?  
Abe: I pack light, so it’s important that every piece is versatile with flexible layering options. The rib tanks and shirting options make it easy. A general rule I go by is every top has at least two bottoms it can be worn with and vice versa.

Q: Any lost in translation stories?  
Abe: No, my gf speaks French so that helped for half the trip and then everyone speaks some English anyway. There were only a few times we were stuck using hand gestures and google translate. The main thing was translating menu’s with the camera… game changer

Q: What's your go-to travel playlist or podcast for long journeys?  
Abe: Podcast - The Old Man and the Three with JJ Redick (The best basketball podcast). Music - I was listening to a lot of Nas, Future and Dave.

Q: Beach bum or city explorer?  
Abe: I get to restless laying around the beach for too long, but if I can’t swim then I get uncomfortable. I really don’t know which one I am… I suppose a mix.

Q: How important is having a good crew with you?  
Abe: It’s the most important thing. You can make anything fun with the right people.

Q: Are you buying a quad bike now you’re home?  
Abe: Hahahah F#*^ no. Had a close call, but keen to get a scooter for summer in Sydney.


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