Tokyo On 35mm Film

We'll take you to the places you'd rather be. Off the beaten track or amongst the urban jungle, these destinations share the ethos behind our brand. Pack your bags and enjoy the journey. The second leg is with our good friend and Sydney based creative Bill 'Bilsn' Mansfield, captured on a nimble point and shoot by his best friend.


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Q: Where have you been?  
Bill: Just spent 2 weeks in Japan. Hit Kyoto, Tokyo and Hakuba.

Q: What was your favourite spot?  
Bill: Kyoto was pretty amazing. Not as busy as Tokyo but still has a similar energy and vibe.

Q: Any mishaps?  
Bill: Not many to be honest. Was a pretty smooth trip. Got sick on the plane home with some Japanese flu 😂.

Q: What kit did you pack?  
Bill: Decked myself mainly in ZANEROBE. It was actually perfect for that climate and scene. Super street scape and kept that comfort. Explorer Jacket - Black, Ski Shearling Hoodie - Vintage White/Forest, Box ++ Cargo Pant - Black, Lounge Crew - Black, Lounge Tee - White, Cross Body Bag - Black

Q: Best food you ate?  
Bill: Man, ate some pretty skitzo ramen. Waited in line about a hour for it. Lots of lining up for mad feeds. Also had some epic eats at the 711's too. So much cool shit!

Q: Any hidden gems or must visits for the crew?  
Bill: Definitely check out teamLab Planets in Tokyo. Full sensory experience haha. And this super cool underground nightclub in Shibuya called “oath”. 50 pax after hours night club. Amazing little zone and sick music.

Q: Your go to tunes for long journeys?  
Bill: Bit of a mixed bag. These get me through the turbulence hahaha
Dean Blunt - Smile please
PC Worship - Let it destroy you
Alex Wall - FMK
Tee Vee Repairman - People

Q: How important is to travel with good crew?  
Bill: Essential! I was lucky enough to travel with my best friend on this one.

Q: Where are you heading next?  
Bill: Think I'm going to South Africa next month. But a lot of moving around this year! Got any safari kit?


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