Our Story

What started off as a bet over beers between two friends has now become the ZANEROBE brand as we know it. Intending to right some fashion wrongs that were present in Sydney at the time, Jono and Leith decided to go into business together.

The initial goal was to design clothing that they'd want to wear rather than what they thought was substandard kind of fashion. We're conscious of our impact on the environment and working hard to minimise it. Creativity is our passion and we're dedicated to the craft. The ZANEROBE team are not swayed by a fad or short-run trend and lean towards pieces that have longevity. Leading by example is such a powerful mantra, a responsibility that we never take lightly.

Founded on some pretty simple models.

Our philosophy is simple - we design what we want to wear. We're best known for our Sureshot Joggers, Flintlock Tee, top quality fabric, garment construction and Customer Service.... pretty good at throwing a decent party too.


Everything is an inspiration opportunity; travel, people & events play a big role in the crafting of a collection. But we design for ourselves first and foremost. Everyone at ZANEROBE is family and we embody the brand.

We live and breathe it. 

Today, the ZANEROBE brand has expanded to stores in the U.S., Canada, Japan and into Europe. ZANEROBE’s international roll-out has presented new challenges that keep our small team mindful of our Australian roots. 

They Don't Know Me Like You Know Me