Creative individuals who see no boundaries.

The idea or execution takes precedence and the semantics come later. New avenues are regularly explored to express their creativity and from this we are gifted with some amazing art. Ladies and Gentlemen introducing the man behind the lens here at ZANEROBE, our very own Tony Berlangieri, AKA @bellnjerry.

Name: Tony Berlangieri
City: Sydney, Australia
Current Employment: ZANEROBE Art Director
Gear: 1DX II + 5D4, DJI Mavic Pro


ZANEROBE A Thousand Words w bellnjerry 01

ZANEROBE A Thousand Words w bellnjerry 02


How did you get started / Was there a moment you remember first falling in love with photography?

Started out shooting local parties, music concerts and posting on Instagram. I first fell in love with photography while in Rome as a kid, shooting in the city at night with my father. It was always just a hobby until I majored in it during uni. I started out as a painter and graphic designer, and found that photography was only a natural progression as it allowed me to be creative, and travel to new places.

What was your first big gig?

I still remember every project I’ve worked on since the beginning, but there was no specific ‘big gig’. Just a lot of weddings, concerts, assisting and studio assisting at the start. I just remember gaining some momentum once I started posting more of my work. Being able to meet some musicians I loved, and being approached by some brands I admired.

What are some opportunities you’ve had that wouldn’t have happened without sharing your work on Instagram?

My current 9-5 wouldn’t have been possible 10 years ago without IG. It got me my job here at ZANEROBE. It’s helped me learn and grow alongside a team who always support me and challenge me in new ways. I wouldn’t have pushed myself in so many ways creatively amongst all the different projects and collections that come about.

Describe your current style.

My current style, and probably my most valuable trait thanks to ZANEROBE is my diversity and ability to adapt to any context or brief. I’ve worked on so many different types of projects that it’s hard to put myself in to any box, I’ve just always been interested in learning a new format, technique or subject matter. At its core, my style has always held a cinematic quality. I’m constantly watching cycling through film for framing and colouring inspiration. I’ve always experimented with different lighting modifiers and gels.


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