Designing is no easy task. It’s even more difficult designing global collections. The diligence and perseverance involved requires a counter-balance of next-level patience and attention to detail. Anyone can design but not everyone cares about what or how it’s designed. Our latest collection MAKER is fifteen years in the making, the consolidated result of everything we’ve learned, experienced and collaborated on.

From Day One we made a promise to design only what we wanted to wear. No outside influence or noise, design for ourselves and our Crew. Sixty collections on and nothing has changed. We continue to forge our own path, make a stand, create statements and take on feedback from those that equally care.

Like everything in life, change is inevitable.We’ve evolved our taste and adapted our craft accordingly. What we won’t change, however, is our standards. If anything, we devote too much to the pursuit of quality. We’re not always perfect but it’s important to us that we’re learning and raising the bar every day, every design and every season.

What drives us is you, the Crew. It’s a unique and privileged position to design for those we’ve never met. We’ve crossed paths with many along the way and your positivity motivates us big time. But for those we’re yet to meet, it’s an honour that you’ve placed your trust in our hands. Returning each season gives us the vote of confidence we need to keep doing what we do best.

So, we’ve reached an incredible milestone - 15 years - not an easy journey by any means, but an incredibly rewarding one. Fifteen years curating styles and collections for crew in over 50 countries. We’re excited about the next chapter for ourselves, you and the brand; a continued dedication to optimised design, a slave to perfection and quality and a renewed focus on sustainability and how we impact our environment.

Introducing MAKER. A new season. A new era.