We’re lucky to have an amazing family of talented creatives scattered across the world, representing ZANEROBE - models, ambassadors, photographers, artists and stylists - and we love collaborating on projects, inspiring each other, taking our game to new heights.

Way back in 2019, we were scrolling through the 'Gram searching for lifestyle content that resonated with our ethos- what we found was a kindred spirit and revolutionary collaborator in Melbourne based designer, @mattbharrington. Since then, we've worked closely with him, each and every season, to create content that delivers his unique vision - his genuine love for ZANEROBE shines through in every shot and each campaign is nothing short of incredible. Matt, appreciate you always brother, and we're excited to continue our long partnership together.

Check out his most recent shoot for our new collection 'COULEUR' featuring another ZANEROBE ambassador from Melbourne @taffyladreck

If you've got the talent and ambition to work with us, we want to hear from you! We'll provide project briefs, exclusive product and all the support you need to deliver top-rated, campaign quality content.