Where To Go And What To Pack

A major part of working at ZANEROBE in Sydney, Australia is the extensive travel we undertake nationally and overseas. It’s a great opportunity to be face-to-face with partners and customers, get a break from the studio for a while and maybe tag a quick weekend away somewhere new once work is done.

One of our regular destinations is Hong Kong where we quality-check before dropping a new collection. A nine-hour flight from Sydney or 15 from LA, Hong Kong is like a second home for those of us designing for the brand. It’s a diverse, modern, city with rich historical and cultural ties to China and Britain and a strong independence of it’s indigenous Hong Kong citizens. And due to it’s importance as a global trade hub, every nation is represented in some way. You recognise it as an international melting-pot the moment you arrive.

Travel light because anything you do need is available in HK. Pack a small cabin bag to avoid checking in a big suitcase because a late evening arrival is better spent on the Airport Express train rather than beside a baggage carousel. Tested out the Victorinox Frequent Flyer bag for the first time and it’s super-light and durable with convenient pockets for a quick laptop removal. Go for comfort clothing on the flight but keep in mind that it’s tempting to hit a restaurant or bar on arrival. The new Sureshot Lightweight Jogger with breathable stretch fabric is well suited for an evening flight. A plus - it doesn’t crease too much either. Boxy tee and hoody to match. Fresh shirt and shoes to change into before landing, a favourite at the moment being the Captain Short-Sleeve Shirt and worn-in Common Projects.

Essentially items packed for this trip included; Apple AirPods & Macbook Pro, Hardgraft Full Disclosure Dopp Kit Classic, Aesop Herbal Deodorant, Nike Odyssey React Flyknit 2 sneakers, “21 Lessons for the 21st Century” by Yuval Noah Harari, local transit Octopus Card and HK/China sim card.

To maximise your stay, choose either Island or Kowloon-side as you can waste precious time criss-crossing the harbour. Stay one side, avoid the trac and get exploring. Island-side where budget is not a concern, stay at The Upper House, Pacific Place - discreet, great views, amazing interiors and modern architecture.

Nearby in Sheung Wan there’s a fantastic Yakitori restaurant, Yardbird. Incredible dedication to the gastronomy of beak-to-tail fare. Great staff, beers and cocktails. Walk-up only so be prepared to queue.

Alternatively, the newly opened Wagyumafia sources beef from top Wagyu and Kobe farmers in Japan, serving an intimate 18-seat space within the IFC. A must-try is the Chateaubriand Cutlet Sandwich.

A local Cantonese hot-pot is a must experience in HK, and Megan’s Kitchen, Wan Chai does it best. Michelin Guide listed, extensive choice of quality produce and a quirky array of fusion broths.

Pre-or-post dinner at the Dispensary is worth a visit to Tai Kwun, mixing traditional and innovative drinks served with steamed BBQ pork buns in a relaxed setting with views of the local neighbourhood.

Escape the shopping malls and check out the Star Street Precinct in Wan Chai which showcases independent local and international artisan apparel and accessories in a traditional setting.

Best quick lunch in HK is Mana! on Wellington Street, Central. Healthy, organic & plant-based slow-grown and cooked food served in an Eco-friendly & responsible manner. Great coffee also.

For spectacular city and harbour views or more importantly, your daily exercise, connect with the Hong Kong Trail, a 50km dedicated walking and running track accessed via the Peak tram.

If you have time to spare, see HK from the harbour on a traditional junk. Gives you a perspective of how densely populated the city is and an appreciation of it’s engineering complexity.


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