PREMIUM GRADE - We pride ourselves on designing the best quality t-shirt going around because we hate it when you buy a tee, wash it once and it shrinks or twists out of shape. Wash our tees as often as you want and it will bounce back, good as new, time and time again.

SUPERIOR LOOK & FEEL - We use the best cotton and take care in the final wash-finishing process not to break any of the fibers. The result being you get a premium, breathable cotton with a subtly soft fabric hand-feel that you won’t want to take off.

FLEXIBLE SHAPES - We’ve got three key fits for your consideration; boxy, fitted and long depending on the look you’re going for or just the mood you’re in. Boxy is definitely on-trend right now, the fitted Flintlock is a current-day classic and the Tall Tee for either a longer-body or over-sized look.

LOADS OF STYLE - Obviously we have a bunch of solid colours, logo graphics, horizontal and vertical stripes on offer this season, so the choice is all yours. Which one is for you?

THE TECHNICAL DETAILS - Our jersey is constructed from sustainable long-staple high spun cotton, it is then pre-shrunk at 45 degrees then pre-washed - No one in the market is doing this because its bloody expensive!  

We then apply specialty engineered garment washes to achieve a variety of desired hand-feels and looks.

TOTAL CARE - To make the most out of your tees, treat them with respect. A quick, cold water hand or machine wash with an organic laundry soap is enough to freshen it up. Rinse and hang to dry but not in direct sunlight. If you press with an iron, keep the temperature low and avoid any prints.