15 Years of ZANEROBE

What started as a bet between Leith Testoni and Jonathon Yeo in 2003 is now a favourite brand for guys the World over. This month we’re celebrating 15 years of ZANEROBE, our creative and talented crew who contributed to the brand’s success, ambassadors that supported our journey and milestones that shaped who we are and what we’ve become. Apologies ahead of time if we missed a contribution from anyone, many people have been involved and we thank you all.


It’s not widely known but ZANEROBE is an Australian brand and one of the most successful men’s apparel businesses at home and abroad. We’re like the Greg Norman of chino pants and tees.

Here’s Leith on the Sydney Harbour Bridge for a Hypebeast editorial piece, still our favorite ‘fashion’ zine to read neg comments from angry trolls with lots of spare time. Good times.


No word of a lie but the redhead above, Chance Burns, was our very first ZANEROBE sales guy in Australia. Irrepressible, funny, dogged determination and super-tiny hands, everyone loved Chance which looking back gave the brand it’s best possible start in life. The first sales appointments may have been out of his apartment bedroom and if the story is correct, he hid under his bed to avoid an appointment because he had a stinger of a hangover.

Chancey’s had his share of issues over the years, battling his way back from a severe spinal cord injury - but - we’ve never forgotten or underestimated his contribution to the brand.


Originally we launched the brand with collared shirts made from expensive Japanese fabric. They performed so well that stores asked us if we had tees and denim. We’re like “sure” and set about designing them for next season. The graphic tees took over though, they had a life of their own. Around 2005/6 we were sending container loads to Japan, US and Canada. There’s still a bunch floating around on eBay now.

By 2010 we were done with the graphics.


2011: Design evolution, classic-sport & contemporary streetwear-inspired. Included a women’s drop for the first time courtesy of designer, Jordana Lowy.


2012: Can’t recall whether it was Aaron Russell or Dave Allison who designed up the first jogger for us but what we know now as the Sureshot started out as the Neilan Chino early. Everyone loved it but no one bought it, about 2-years too early.


ZANEROBE version 2.0 was successful ‘cause of these two cats - Rich Penny and Nat Taubman. As Brand Manager, Richy was on-point and as the newly appointed Creative Director, Nat was designing fire. Between them we hit new heights in design and a loyal crew + Natty tidied up the Neilan Chino and renamed it the Sureshot.


Save Our Souls Collection, 2012 - shot for the first time by the super-talented Sylve Colless.


2012: Logo update, rep’d by a young Kendrick Lamar.


Speaking of Kendrick, a 2013 highlight was him in our Sureshot Camo Chinos, shot by Terry Richardson.


2013: A couple of key reasons for our success in North America, Liam and Dan Maynard from Noble Gentlemen - on the road grinding it out, building the brand in the US and Canada.


2013: Another milestone for a brand conceived in a local pub in Sydney, now delivering to major players globally including Nordstrom and Bloomingdales.


2013: Dan, Richy, Jetski and Leith, finishing another hectic tradeshow in Las Vegas.


2013: You Are We and Creatures of Want global collections ft. Tommy Clune.


2013-14: Two early adopters and big supporters, Chance and Macklemore.


2013-14: Rebels At Dawn crew.


2014: Young Joey Bada$$, Bondi.


2013: Kendrick Lamar - GOOD KID MA.A.D CITY TDE Colaboration


2014: Isaiah Rashad and TDE crew ZRHQ visit.


2014: We’re Wolves / Wolves On Parade


2015: Nate Robinson joins the Wolfpack


...and we throw a VIP party with Rufus to launch Salvation collection.


2014-15: Change of lead designer for ZANEROBE with Nat starting Barney Cools and Luke taking over for ZNRB. Both immensely talented guys and dedicated to quality and design.


...and the rest is history.